The Ghost Riders

The Ghost Riders

NAME: The Ghost Riders

FOCUS: This is a motorcycle gang, with all that entails. The Ghost Riders are a Ute gang that ranges from its clubhouses in Flagstaff, Las Vegas and Denver. It tends to use Denver to sell its ill gotten gains from across the Ute Nation. They arn't racist, at least not in comparison to the Ute Nation and several of their riders are Anglo. Anyone with a bike, a leather jacket and the ability to throw down for brotherhood are allowed to join.

LEADER: Gene. No other name is known for this gang leader. He lives near the Flagstaff Chapterhouse, issuing orders to his rider across the Ute Nation by courier or matrix. He's paranoid about his security and rarely ventures out.

HEADCOUNT: 30-40 in Denver. 3-500 across the Ute Nation.

UNIFORMS/COLORS/SYMBOLS: Red and Black, with a flaming skull with wings as their primary symbol.

TURF: In the Denver area, they run a section of the BoneYard. They keep to themselves and are not looking to expand, but will viciously and completely defend what's theirs.

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