Sureños 13


Also known as: Sur 13, Los Sureños, Sureño Trece.

Los Sureños are a mix of prison and street gang that usually recruits their members in local prisons and pack them into their ranks once they get out of jail. This gang has many chapters spread all over the sprawl. Their main source of income is the retail-level distribution of chips as well as conventional drugs both within the prison systems and in the community at large, as well as through extortion of drug distributors on the streets. Some members have direct links to Aztlan drug trafficking organizations and broker deals for the Mexican Mafia as well as their own gang. Sureños gangs also are involved in various other criminal activities such as assault, car jacking, home invasion, robbery, and homicide.

With some outside help, Smiley and the Surenos have managed to wrestle the majority of the BTL trade in the CAS district from the triads, specifically the Eighty-Eights. Rumor has it that they are producing their chips locally, and the content further backs up the suspicion. In addition to the regular pornography that always sells, there are at least a handful of gang members who have been wired up with simsense rigs and their assaults, car jackings and robberies are popular content among the corporate crowds who are always hungry for a taste of life on the streets.



Ramon leads the gang as a frontman for La Eme (the Mexican Mafia); he is handsome and very charismatic. His lieutenants have far reaching control over their chapters, but they have to answer to Ramon for their actions. This human male is approximately 32 years old, and originally from the California Free State. He is the main contact between the gang and chapters in other states, and with La Eme. He is known to have reflex augmentations, and some ability to become invisible as well.

La Mina

A knife-adept, this woman is as beautiful as she is deadly. She is sent in when a specific message needs to be sent on a hard target, to let them know just how vulnerable they are.


Smiley is bald, Hispanic, human male with many prison tattoos including XIII on the side of his neck and Surenos on the underside of his right forearm. He has been in and out of the prison system and is determined never to go back in again. A massive novacoke user, his habit has made him borderline paranoid and extremely violent. Originally an enforcer for the gang, over the last few years he has been placed in charge of BTL production and distribution. He and his crew are known to operate in and around the Heather and East Ridge districts on the CAS border with the Warrens.

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Some 300+ members spread around the sprawl, usually encountered in groups from 30 to 40. Mostly comprised of Hispanic male humans, with the occasional female and metahuman (mostly orks and trolls; more rarely an elf)
There is easily twice that many associated with the gang.

  • Weaponry: The rank and file members use mainly small arms, knives; individuals may have larger weapons, and the gang as an entity can quite often come up with larger weapons for specific activities.
  • Armor: Personal body armor is standard among members, with armored clothing being the minimum.
  • Vehicles: Los Sureños can come up with standard vehicles with minimal effort.


No set uniform, though the Sureños identify with the color blue and will invariably have that color on their person.


All over Denver, especially in the less privileged districts. Los Sureños have a major headquarters on Arapahoe in the CAS sector. Secondary headquarters litter the Warrens, CAS, and UCAS sectors.

You know that spot in the Souk? Tito's? The tech tent. Word is that is ground zero for all of the freshest releases. Chip truth chummer, chip truth.
Those guys are pros. They rarely hold more than a few samples of each title. I think they make more money with all of those chip player repairs, and comm and encrypt/decrypt hardware that they keep in the crates, safely behind the counter.
There's a serious mark up on that silicon if you can get it in bulk into the FTZ. -RensChipPeddler-

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