The Steel Tide


This cybernetic and biomechanic emphasized street gang is different than most because they do not have any "set" turf. Everyone of the gang has been partially modified in one form or another. None of the other gangs really mess with the 'The Tide', basicaly due to the respect the gang wields due to their ability to obliterate any kind of opositon they encounter relatively easily and their main objective to not to interfere with other gangs. These guys live on the rush only expensive combat drugs and tweaking their cyber enhanced bodies can provide.

The group was founded by four washed up runners that botched a big job in Dallas and relocated to Denver a few years ago. With their contacts and fixers burned out and no one wanting to touch them or do biz with them.. they turned to the gutters and the streets, where they could still rule by intimidation. Strung out these days on combat drugs, most of the gangs money goes into that, rather than any high grade cyber these days. But still, not the typcial gang, these guys can kick some ass if need be.


Frank 'Steel' Blitz

A troll who is known to be gripping on to life with cold determination, and nothing else. It has been reported that he has implanted so much steel and organic material into his body that he should have died decades ago. Due to brain implants, he has been known to be up to par with some geniuses, thereby allowing him to control his gang with a hard fist. It is rumored that he was one of the first to ever receive the synaptic nerve accelerator and boosted reflexes mix.





The entire gang wears armored jackets with a petrified wave of steel on the back. The colors of the wave are a gun-metal with dark blue streaks.

Criminal Activity

They are a contrasting mix of illegal activity, as none of the members seem to rape, yet all of the members seem to have committed murder before. They have been known to deal in chips, guns, weapons, medical devices, and perform work at random times for certain corporations on a low level.

(Basically, this gang can teach players who abuse gangs that gangs are not neccessarily as "flouncy" as they think. Also, they can be a neat RPing tool with admins or players.)

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