GANG: Sinners

LEADER: Sister Sinister. SS, as she is called, is an orkish woman pushing into her late twenties, which is old for an ork. She started out as a joygirl in the district and managed to pull herself out of whoredom after a year, making her bones and joining the Sinners. She killed the last leader, Bridget, and has taken to leading the gang with an almost apathetic hand, spending most of her time Blissed out. Her lieutenant, Mercy, leads the day to day operations of the gang, and is a sadist of the highest order but has a keen head for the money side of things.

COLOR/SYMBOLS: Red and Black. Their symbol is a cat of nine tails, drawn as a line with nine wiggly lines coming off it.

TURF: Mission Hills

DESCRIPTION: The Sinners are a female gang that runs the Mission Hills District and controls a large portion of the drug and prostitution trade there. That doesn't mean they are all whores, and woe to the person who suggests such. While many may have made their cred that way, most of the Sinners have progressed beyond that and are as hardcore as any you may meet elsewhere in the Warrens; they just hide their steel fist with a velvet glove.

The Sinners have standing agreements with the Italian, Russian, and Mexican mobs as well as the Yakuza to sell product out here, and supply bunraku parlor workers as well as 'Matrix Ordered Brides' for profit. They won't work with the Koreans after an altercation that left a dozen dead on either side and bad blood that exists to this day. Those that cross the Sinners do so at their own peril, as the gang doesn't kill downed foes, but instead puts them to work in the many brothels and flophouses in the area, or in whatever snuff films that may be in production.

HEADCOUNT: 45 members, not including a number of pimps and madams in the district. They have eyes everywhere and many a beetlehead or joygirl will sell intel to the Sinners in exchange for their next fix.

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