Silver Thorns

Silver Thorns

GANG: Silver Thorns

LEADER: Eric Oakshaft. Not his real name, this ex-Tir Tairngire national and shadowrunner came to the Warrens to find his brother, a member of the Thorns. Upon learning that orks had torn him apart, Oakshaft took control of the Thorns in a bloodless coup and turned a ragged group of starving elvish squatters and gangers into a paramilitary group that strikes back at the heart of the enemy. Not a cruel man, Oakshaft nevertheless leads by example and brooks no disagreement. You are either with him, or you leave his domain.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Chrome and black. Their tag is a 'vine' with jagged points spurring off at angles.

TURF: Tir Llewn, between S Riviera Way and S Versailles Parkway

DESCRIPTION: Part gang and part elvish resistance fighters, the Silver Thorns have a severe hatred for anything 'goblin' in nature. Specializing in long distance fighting, the Thorns are masters of the bow and long gun, picking off opponents from a distance. They harass the gangs in OrkTown and work to cut off supply lands to the tuskers. They supplement any cash made from doing this by working as muscle for groups of a like mind, and even as assassins against orkish and troll interests.

HEADCOUNT: 29 members strong at this time, with only a handful of humans working alongside the elves in the group.

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