Shape 13

Shape 13

Gang: Shape 13


'Red' is a ork and a metal Wuxing mage that was at one point early in his criminal career targeted by the mob. He had his hands, feet, and ears cut off for some reason that died when he took his revenge five years ago. Opting for cyberware instead of vat-grown replacements, he has since regained and surpassed his previous powers in all ways despite further augmentation with highly flashy and exposed cyberware.

Usually wearing a short Eastern-style robe with a collar wide enough it hangs over his squared-off shoulders, and flowing sleeves just short enough to keep his hands and feet exposed, he has escaped innumerable attempts on his life in the last year. These attempts made him undergo further upgrades, with a highly mechanical tail added and his hands and feet replaced with much more mechanical-looking, almost steam-punk versions and all of which seems to have been done in combination with his renovations of various areas to allow him an unmatched ability to evade any and everything inside his own realm.

Colors/Symbols: Silver circle, twelve notches along the bottom, one notch at the top.

Turf: Smoky Hills (N/A)


Hovering a bit under 90 people in the organization total, the gang has a very broad management structure closer to a coalition force than most normal gangs. Each of the main 12 sub-leaders has 5-6 people under their direct control, and each of these 12 micro-gangs is given fairly broad control of two to three blocks of Smoky Hills around the border, in effect in charge of their segment of the boundary in exchange for control of what goes on there and direct assistance from any other Shape 13 sub-leaders to maintain power of their segment.

The leader, Red, controls the central part of Smoky Hills with his personal sub-gang the Silver Chain of around 20 people, on top of his duties managing the needs and in-fighting of the 12 sub-leaders. He tends to personally focus on slavery and prostitution when not further fortifying the various compounds to provide safety despite the nearby and aptly named WarZone adjoining their area.

Headcount: 13 (Main Gang)

In a surprise hit by several powerful shadowrunners backed by members of the Sinners, Shape13 was badly hit in 2077 forcing Red and the Silver Chain to go to ground. Many members of the sub-gangs were killed, or switched allegiances in an all night battle. The gang lost it's territory to The Sinners and The Saints in reaction.

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