Seven Deadly Sins


The Seven Deadly Sins are a wiz-gang, that is, a gang made up primarily of magicians, adepts, groggies, and others with some degree of mystic bent, but usually not fully trained. The Sins came together when Hunger and several other mages and semi-mages got together and decided how best to use their abilities for easy profit. The gang bases its 'branch's' on the seven deadly sins of legend: Lust, Wrath, Envy, Avarice, Pride, Gluttony, and Sloth. They seek to extort those sins for profit.
The gang deals in some smuggling, magical assault, summoning's, prostitution, and other magic-related crimes, their prime connection being the Italian Mafia, who enjoy the benefits of cheap magical assistance, as well as the prostitution benefits, especially Mind Control and Memory Wipe.



Hunger is an obese male orc, weighing in at approximately 400 pounds (880 kg). While fat, his mind is razor-sharp, and with an army of watchers he can keep an eye on virtually any place he desires. The Fat Man, as he is often referred to, directs the goals of the Sins, satisfying his wants and needs.


Passion is a connoisseur in all things sexual. She runs the prostitution aspect of the gang, often dressing in full domme garb. The elven woman also takes great interest in politics, and has been trying without success to guide Hunger towards that sphere of influence.



85-120 members, with many contacts and associates.


The basic 'uniform' varies greatly depending on the branch the member is associated with. Those dealing with Lust, for example, tend to gear their clothing towards the provocative, while Wrath members favor a more militant look.


The Seven Deadly Sins operate primarily out of the Warrens, with a headquarters out near the Reservoir. They are operating in all of the sprawl though if the pay is right.

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