The Saints specialize in the sale of goods of all sorts. They are well known to be able to get just about anything for a buyer if they've got the cash. Rumor is that they've got an alliance going with the Ironsiders to help bring in goods, but neither gang will talk about it. The Saints are also into gambling and they control about 90% percent of all the gambling that goes down in the Edge. They also have a hand in every business in their turf as they charge money to protect these businesses from the wilder aspects of the edge.



The leader of the Saints is in his early thirties or late twenties. He is the most visual leadership behind the Saints since founding them after the rise of the edge. He is charming, intelligent, and extremely well connected. Rumor has it he was a shadowrunner before starting up the Saints. He's a human with more cyber than is obvious at the first glance, but in combat he is as deadly as they come.


Switcher is a dwarf, and he's also the one you want to see when you want to buy something. He's probably not among the tougher members of the Saints, but he is one of the more intelligent and well connected. Switcher also handles the betting for the Saints.



150-300, but they can count on a sizeable amount of the people in their turf to come help them out in order to fight off outside threats.


The Saints claim the western half of Edward Street and a good portion of Crestridge Street. Their primary hangout is the Angel's Delight Pool Hall, effective occupied and operated by the Angels. This is the meeting place for most of their gambling enterprises.


Most of the members of the gangs are not heavily cybered, but they have at least a dozen razors with enough skill to be dangerous. They stay at Gabriel's beck and call. The remaining members are ordinary metahumans of all races. They tend to be cool under fire and sufficiently skilled with the weapons. Expect them to be traveling in groups of 10-30.


The Saints' colors are gold and silver. Their symbol is an "A" with a halo on top. Sometimes the A will have wings. They will often mix the letter A on their jackets along with Halos.

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