Los Reyes Diablo

Los Reyes Diablo

LEADER: Lalo Ruiz (Title:Blood King). Lalo has been in control of the 'Kings' in Denver ever since the Traveling King passed after the exodus from Chicago during the Bug Crisis. The gang had to adapt to new ways after coming to an entirely new city. There were other Latino gangs and the 'Latin Kings' held an old time prestige and position of honor from having such old roots. The Traveling King, Chico Espinosa had tried to set up holdings in the CAS and was crushed by the local law enforcement groups. The gang was splintered for a time, many of its members attempting the historical running things from within the penal system.

This didn't work either and Lalo Ruiz stepped up and called a gathering of the remaining Chicago members, renaming the gang for the next age as the 'Diablo Kings'. He moved the gang into the Warrens two years ago and bided his time. They slowly infiltrated the Sunrise area. Lalo stuck to protection rackets and drugs for income. He initially kept his people away from the other gangs, operating almost in secret. Then with the primary gangs in the area falling on hard times recently he decided to make his move. Los Reyes Diablo began tagging turf and openly challenging all comers. They are a gang on the rise.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: A golden crown with red horns. Three crowns overlapping. A Single Black Crown with three points. A quick tag is three overlapping circles in gold or black.

TURF: Sunrise area and some scattered safe houses in the CAS.

DESCRIPTION: This gang is loyalty oriented and runs in cells, usually cells based on families. Men and women are equally accepted, the men focusing on areas of control, business and property and the women focused on family structure and the relations of the gang members within the neighborhood. They do not let slights to their honor system go unpunished. Revenge is a skill they know well, often choosing to retaliate at a later time from a more advantageous position. Los Reyes Diablo are well armed, with a preference for pistols and automatic weapons. They travel light, rarely armored, striking quickly and then retreating to positions where ambush has already been set up. They have armored vehicles with bullet proof glass for hot confrontations. They tend to be flashy and bold, dressing stylish when out cruising.

HEADCOUNT: Over one-hundred active base members, all are Latino, ages ranging from late teens to late thirties. The King's Court number fifteen old timers from Chicago that are very experienced, some being runners. There are three court members that are Brujah in the grade four range. It is rumored that Lalo and his two younger cousins in the court may be physical adepts.

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