Lich Lords


The Lichs are a gang into the goth theme. Despite common feelings in the local area, most shadowrunners know that they are just some kids with fancy cyber intended to give them the sinister features of vampires of myth, legend, and reality. They make their money by killing people and hawking off their organs (which explains how they obtain their cyberware). Its believed they have access to a cyberclinic a half mile from 'Tinker Town'. Each member has self styled themselves to look like a different creature. 'Tiny' an Ork local, for instance, was born ugly, and so it was easy to do the cosmetics to give him the features of the nosferatu. Ghouls, wendigo, vampiric fangs or loup garou fur aree all part of the ensemble.

The doctor they used to have implant their cyberware, 'Pa', is dead. Beezle, now leader of the gang, killed him when the doctor challenged the authority he was holding over 'his boys'. Other noteworthy characters are the 'Banshee' an elf woman who wears plenty of make up, but is the least garish in her alterations, and 'Click' a man whose head is primarily just a skull with servos.



The past leader has been replaced by someone named Beezle. From all accounts, he is a powerful and ruthless mage, killing those who oppose or even insult him. His control over the gang is absolute.


Black, White, Red, Putrescent Green. Vampiric or 'undead' cosmetic and cybernetic modifications. A patch, pin or graffiti with a large winged skeleton carrying a sickle.


Northeast of 'Tinker Town' in the Drainage system.

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