The Jesters

GANG NAME: The Jesters

LEADER: Mr. J was once a Mr. Johnson that worked for Fuchi, he put a lot of his time, effort and passion into making sure his company got ahead of the game. When Fuchi collapsed he couldn't take it, all his hard work was for nothing. His whole life wiped away with the stroke of a pen. Cracking under the pressure, finding life no longer had meaning, Mr. J started laughing. From then on, his laughter meant the suffering of others.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Colors are clown clothes, and bio-sculpts to make themselves into clowns, harlequins and mimes. Their main emblem is a Comedy/Tragedy mask, though they will tag an area with 'HA HA HA HA'.

TURF: Though quite mobile, The Jesters are maintain their base of operations in the Seven Hills Area of the Warrens.

DESCRIPTION: The Jesters are a thrill-kill gang, they play violent pranks on anyone not quick enough to escape. From wiring people's dogs with cortex bombs to throwing acid filled pies in people's faces. Property damage, assault, murder, that's their game. They do a brisk side trade in cybernetics and BTLs. Its rumored they have a private surgeon that does all their custom work.

HEADCOUNT: While the numbers of The Jesters are hard to determine they are known to fluctuate between 40 and 50 members depending on recruitment (which means press-gangs) and members getting killed.

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