The Ironsiders are your basic go-gang. They like vehicles — just about any kind of vehicles. Many of the gang members have VCR's in fact, scrounged via methods that are best left unmentioned. Their primary businesses are vehicles (theft and refitting), along with smuggling; they usually know a good way to get stuff into — or out of — the Free Trade Zone. For a price.



The leader of the Ironsiders, Neon is hard and mean-looking at 24 years of age. He's probably the best man with a motorcycle the city has seen in a long time — and he knows it. he treats the Ironsiders like a wolf pack, and he's the Alpha wolf. Hard but fair, he keeps his people in check through discipline, entertainment, and generous rewards.


One of the gang's primary lieutenants, and the one who handles most negotiations and tactics, Whack-O got his name for some of the crazy stunts he used to pull as a young rigger with his Offroaders. When racing, he had a tendency to 'accidentally' impact other cars with his, effectively 'whacking' them, and sending them out of control. Whack-O still retains a bit of his wildness, but he's settled down, running the gang more like a business. He was part of the fight against the Demons; that made him a lot more cautious.


Nanite specializes in small drones, the ones that you can get into tiny spaces, or conceal easily. He's an elf with superb electronics skills, and builds many of his own drones. Aloof and standoffish, he's really only open when dealing with other members of the gang. With outsiders, he's cold, closed, and callous.


She is salled several other things behind her back, and only then just, the gang lieutenant's vibrant, psychotic, prone to fits of rash behavior, but is a technical genius and probably the right woman for the job. She's the Bad Girl who is there to dole out the bullets and the pain, and could probably go shadows if she would just let go of her almost insane loyalty and love for the leader of the gang. They're not lovers, but more than once, they've come out of a meeting smelling like it.



About 100 active members, plus about another 50 who are 'hopefuls', trying to gain admission to the gang. The latter class work for the gang, but don't enjoy full membership.


The western half of Edward Street and the south portion of Buckley Avenue is their effective turf. However, they have garages and chop-shops all over the city. They have an especially cordial relationship with the Saints, with whom they do a good amount of business; the relationship dates back to when the Saints and the Ironsiders worked together to fight off the Demons in 2062. Their headquarters is the Ironhorn, a bar with a bit of a biker-leather feel to it.


The gang is always in need of mechanics or drivers, and they pay very well… though considering the risks involved, sometimes not well enough. About thirty-five percent of the gang members have VCR's; almost none of the hopefuls do.


Black leather biker-jackets are common, though other kinds of attire such as aviator jackets are just fine. However, the members will always wear a bandanna in a deep blue or purple color. The emblem of the gang is a chrome Harley-Davidson logo, from the turn of the century.

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