The Huns


The Huns are a biker gang, and Harley lovers, through and through. Their methods involve mobility, and crimes range from road piracy, drug dealing, enforcement for the highest bidder, and arms dealing. They don't keep any specific HQ, preferring to find a bar to hang out at and trash till they find the next good party. They are Hell's Angels, and happen to be the strongest chapter in Denver.


Augustus 'Gus' Delaney

A rowdy physical adept that commands respect. He grew up in Denver as a mechanic's son, but eventually joined the wrong crowd when the Turks blew up his father's shop. Ever since he's found himself with the 'wrong crowd' and his magical gift became the focus for years of war with the Turks. He's 35 years old, and currently has managed to wedge the Turks right out of Denver (what living members remain). He's known for his over the shoulder shotgun and a love of brawling. Word is, he might be affiliated with 'the Syndicate' these days, but those rumors aren't substantiated.



43 (Gus doesn't accept partial loyalty).


They wear plenty of black leather, a patch on their right lapel of three lightning bolts on a gold field, and on their backs, a calligraphied 'HUNS'. Symbols include a wild horse, scimitars, and skeletons.


Their turf is wherever they camp, rent, or crash, from bars who ask their protection to warehouses to roadsides. They do not stay in Denver alone, and are only in Denver during the summer months.

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