Heather Garden Royals

Heather Garden Royals

GANG NAME: Heather Garden Royals

LEADER: King Steven. Steven James was once worked for a corporation, they say, maybe Ares even. He got caught in an extraction gone bad and ended up stuck in the Warrens. His shrewd knowledge of the business world proved useful to the former head of the Royals up until Steven had him killed. King Steven is an utterly ruthless businessman who has the ethics of a lawyer crossed with a shark. He rules by intelligence and with a reward system: if you do well by him, you advance and are rewarded. Threaten his bottom line and you'll find out how quickly he'll move to eliminate you.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: The Royals colors are red and gold (blood and money), although the red is subdued in any clothing they wear. Their tag is a 'king's crown' motif, often with HGR underneath.

TURF: The Royals hold Heather Gardens against all comers, and use the Country Club as their headquarters.

DESCRIPTION: The Royals, especially under King Steven, are the doorkeepers to the Warrens. Situated at the 'main entrance' to the Warrens, they are the people you pay to get in and out. They control the flow of goods into the area and take a slice off the top. Unlike many of the other gangs, the Royals live a relatively good life; King Steven has contacts that span the gamut of providers, and barters his people's services for such.

The Royals have better gear than your average ganger, or even your average runner, and are rumored to have military grade gear somewhere within their compound. With several magicians as well as access to a few docs, members are enhanced and able to hold their turf against all comers. With King Steven's habit of rewarding success with luxuries that those in the Warrens are unfamiliar with, the Royals are fierce fighters. They know that they are not just saving their turf, but their way of life.

HEADCOUNT: The Royals are 53 members strong. They are biased against 'ugly' people, which means that they are lacking trolls and orks but are heavy on elves. There are three dwarves in the gang as well. The membership of the gang includes the eight member strong Heather Gardens Car Club, who act as chauffeurs and get-away drivers for the Royals and are often contracted out for transportation and shipping.

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