Goblin Yell


STAFF NOTE: This gang hase been completely killed off by a combination of The Silverthorns, DemoBoyz, Horsemen, and The Blackhearts. Contact Staff if any of the major NPC's were a contact on your sheet.
This is primarily an anti-human gang. Membership is 'goblin only', namely anything of the ork, troll or variants of these. The gang itself spends most of its time working terrorist acts on individuals whom they feel are racist against goblinkind. They generally attack humans; rarely is an elf or dwarf harmed in these attacks (though they are not beneath random violence). They live underground and in abandoned buildings, living in makeshift shelters that have been made suitable for habitation in the Sprawl.


Winston Hamish

A charismatic, wily troll (formori) who inspires his fellow goblins to pride and violence. He was once a Knight Errant Specop Officer, however lost his position and ranking to a human with much lesser credentials. Later he was fired, for reasons unknown to him, and the bigotry he's seen and experienced since has made him hateful of humans. To him, 'Human's are the lesser race, soft both in compassion and in body they are to be cast out of our purer society. The myths of our kind in storybooks are a lie propogated by them to subjugate us and to give them feelings of superiority. As soon as we can create a goblin homeland, to shape our own destiny, we will for once be able to excel with our own God-given abilities, rather than the deceptions of the more attractive but spiritually inferior humans."


George is of the metavariant 'Giant'. While not the leader of the gang, he is the close second, providing a huge baseball bat for his boss protection. He's an avid baseball fan, disgruntled he wasn't allowed onto the Yankees because of height caps.


A yellow skinned kobold from Turkey. He left his nation after facing persecution only to find it more in the CAS. Now he fights for Winston wholeheartedly, and is the 'scourge of the goblin nation' according to his own gang. He's an adept whose vicious powers have killed many a human. One thing to note, unlike most gangs this one avoids rape. And he has been known to sever the 'member' of gang members before for doing so. As is his phrase, "Allah did not make us ugly to be ugly. This is a holy war we fight, do not bring impurity into your temple, nor shall you have such unions with the roundeared devil."



32 and growing…


There are no uniforms, colors, or tattoos. It is a cellular organization, and the only rules are that all members remain 'clean cut.' Among trolls these terrorists certainly seem model citizens, aside from their violent acts and views. A few do cut their hair close in militaristic fashion.

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