Digital Anvil


Part Matrix gang, part local enforcers, Digital Anvil members are techno-philes and not afraid to admit it. While their local business is fairly profitable, it is all to finance their larger goals in becoming a full-scale Matrix gang. The members provide protection for the local businesses and routinely are called in to install electronic security systems for a fairly reasonable (at least by the Shadows) price. They also pawn off stolen computer, electronic, and other, more unsavory wares, from their HQ, a seemingly innocuous electronics repair shop on their turf. The profit from the gang's enterprises, however, go right into deck parts in their furious quest to become true deckers instead of a few tech obsessed wannabe's.



A self-proclaimed deckmeister, but actually a jack of all electronics trades. He is the owner and manager of the electronics store that the gang operates out of and conducts gang business with a relatively cool head, assuming it doesn't have to do with tech. When word of an abandoned computer system or the lure of a lightly guarded tech shipment filters on down, however, he has been known to lead the gang in blindly, guns blazing, to capture it and has lost more than one Anvil because of it.





The Anvils aren't a particularly militant bunch of gangers, but they do have colors, a navy blue jacket with gray anvil that is the uniform that the Anvils wear both at the store and while patrolling their turf.


The Anvils claim only a block of turf, around Sal's Coffin Motel on Colorado Avenue. They have shown some signs of wanting to branch out, but for now, Kryptonite is simply prodding and poking, trying to recruit more men and see the weaknesses of those gangs around him before making any drastic moves.

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