The Demons are an enigma. Even their name isn't truely known. They're known by other as the Demons because of their wild facepaint schemes, and their infamous raids. They most likely make their money by taking whatever they can during their raids, and this includes organlegging or slavery. The gang is feared throughout the Denver area because of their sheer numbers, but they are most feared out on the local highways where spontaneous trains of Demon bikers can mean disaster to anyone traveling by at the time. They seem to have no goals past spreading fear and terror in their wake.


No real facts are known about the Deomsn leadership. Rumors say that the Demons are lead by an Oni, but exact details vary on who's talking at the time.



The exact number is uncertain, but several large 'rallys' of Demons have placed their numbers in the hundreds. The Demons never seem to run out of thugs.


Black and dark shades of red. They almost always have striking red and black facepaint or tattoos to strike fear into their victims.


The Demons seem to have little or no centralized headquarters, seeming to pop up all over the Sprawl and highways at random.


The Demons are definately a go-gang. Their tactics are wild to say the least, even to the point of suicidal. They travel in groups ranging from 50 to even as large as 100. They are racially diverse, and tend to include cybered and noncybered members. Most of the gangers in a raiding party are ordinary punks who are serious (some would say suicidal) about taking their objective. Those are backed by a group of hardline razors who are extremely dangerous during the chaos caused by their fellow cannon fodder.

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