Demolition Boyz


As a go-gang, the Demolition Boyz are pretty small in number — but not in size, as their membership is made up exclusively of trolls. While most of them are uncybered, their size and fighting abilities, and their tactical expertise, more than make up for this lack. Their chief means of income is through protection rackets and car and bike theft, as a couple of Demolition Boyz can walk into a car lot and actually carry off a small car. Consequently, most if not all of the Demolition Boys are skilled mechanics, specializing in the skills needed to customize their beloved Honda Vikings and Harley-Davidson Gideons.



A fomorian troll, Wrecker is a shaman, follower of the Dark King. At 30 years of age, Wrecker is fairly old for a ganger, but has years of experience as a Shadowrunner before deciding to go gang leader. A rather charismatic troll, Wrecker uses his intelligence over his muscle to solve problems and to lead the gang — not to say that his muscle and physique isn't formidable. It's his magic and his charisma which keeps him the popular leader of the Demolition Boyz.


A troll street samurai, Chainsaw spent years on the streets of Detroit before becoming second-in-command of the Demolition Boyz. It's his tactical expertise which wins the Boyz many of their fights, and his connections which have served to help the Boyz become the fighting force they are. One of Wrecker's fellow Shadowrunners, Chainsaw followed the shaman from the shadows to the street gang, and would gladly give his life for the fomorian who has risked his life so many times for Chainsaw.


Short for a troll, Screamer is the voice of dissent in the Demo Boyz — he's the one to voice the loudest complaints about Wrecker's leadership, the one to point out flaws (real or imagined) in every one of Wrecker or Chainsaw's plans, and when something goes awry it's Screamer who first points the finger of blame, usually at Wrecker. Wrecker tolerates Screamer's presence because Screamer makes him laugh — while Wrecker remains so charismatic, Screamer has no chance at deposing the shaman's leadership. Screamer runs the protection rackets, skimming more off the top than he thinks Wrecker knows about.


One of Wrecker's lieutenants, Ball is big, mean and silent. Mainly an enforcer, Ball came from the streets and rose through the gang's numbers through hard work and fighting ability. Ball can easily outfight any member of the gang and seems to be all but immune to pain. (It's unclear if Ball is an adept, or a mutant of some sort, but he should be treated as if he has 10 levels of the adept power Pain Resistance.)


Runs the vehicle theft part of the Demolition Boyz; Chopshop is one of the more technical members of the group. Chopshop is also immensely strong; his favorite method of stealing a bike is to have a group of Boyz scare off any guardians, then walk up and just pick the bike up and carry it off. Chopshop has a wide net of contacts in the black market parts industry, and is the troll to talk to about some sweet custom work for your bike.



The Demolition Boyz number about 30 members total. The Boyz don't have 'hopefuls'; either you're a member of the Boyz or you're not. Full membership is only open to trolls and troll meta-variants. In the go-gang's history, only one non-troll has ever been granted membership, and it was just an 'honorary' membership for services rendered. Joining the Boyz means passing through rituals which have been known to kill even the strongest orks and dwarves. Female trolls are allowed membership, but for some reason none have ever joined.


The Demolition Boyz claim all of the Denver Metroplex as their 'roaming grounds', and woe to the go-gang that gets in their way. They hang out mainly in two locations - a converted garage in Sioux Sector that now houses 'Wrench's Werks', and a bar attached to a garage in CAS Sector where outsiders are strictly forbidden.


As has been written, the Demolition Boyz are exclusively a troll go-gang. Other races trying to gain membership will be laughed at. If insisted upon, the Boyz will allow the non-Troll to go through the initiation rituals — but will rig the rituals so that the non-troll is 'accidentally' killed due to the severity of the rituals. Trolls who are good mechanics, combatants or bikers will be considered for membership.


You'd think an all-troll go-gang wouldn't need colors to tell their members apart from other gangs. That's what the Demo Boyz think, too. Apart from the ubiquitous armored synthleather jackets (all Demolition Boyz have at least 5/3 armor), no other colors are common among the Boyz. Their gangsign is a stylized spiked ball and chain, although in a pinch a series of small circles leading to a larger circle will do.

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