The Dead Presidents


The Dead Presidents are a small time poser type gang of well-to-do wayward corporate executive kids. The gang members all share the common thread of having been teenagers and young adults who have slippped through the family cracks of the financially blessed upper class of Denver. Their parents are either way to absorbed by their profession, and/or dead after a long life of ignoring their children, shoveling money at them to make them happy but failing to be involved in their kids life in any other way.

The gang doesn't get involved with murders and the heavy handed trappings of the rougher gangs of the city, but rather, they concentrate on ambushes in allies and making it look as if the person being attacked is the cause of the event. (I.E. cybercam recording's and such, manipulating the situation and making it look as if the innocent victum actually attacked the gang and the gang is only defending themselves.).

The gang is backed by several individual high ranking corporate personal lawyers which in all casses but one have been able to get the gangers out of serious jail time.



The most influential of the group has had his face heavily modified and contoured to look like the most recent dragon president, complete with nostrils that can puff smoke, dragon like eyes and the long snout with hissing and slitherly tongue.||_





Each of "The Dead Presidents" has gone through exstensive reconstructural facial surgery to take on the image of a dead U.S. President, complete with voice modulation adjustment.

Currently there are:
(2) Bill Clinton, (2) George Bush Jr.
(2) Abraham Lincoln, (2) Richard Nixon
(2) Hillary Clinton. (2) John Quincy Adams.


Colfax Road far West end, within UCAS' Downtown District by the City Hall, State Capital and the like.

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