Crimson Smoke


The gang's primary focus is making money by whatever means possible. While not opposed to petty theft and muggings, the gang works more along the lines of (as far as gangs go) sophisticated jobs. Working sometimes hand in hand with certain teams of shadowrunners to provide safe transportation, as well as running distractions, and other general small time things, for a profit. They also have their fingers in several different areas of the sprawl, charging protection fees, keeping rival gangs from moving into their turf, as well as owning shares on some of the bars, clubs, and stores in the area. As far as the sprawl goes, they are the direct force to deal with to get anything accomplished.



The founder of the gang and a mystery figure to say the least. Twelve years ago, he arrived on the scene with a large chunk of cred and began to finance the initial operations of the gang. Most of what is known about him is that he is a small time runner who almost made the big time but quit while he was ahead for more profitable and less dangerous waters. A human with moderate amounts of cyber and bioware, he is the go between for anyone wanting to hire the gang or establish anything on their turf.


Smoke's first recruit, Crimson, is a massive female troll; an accomplished runner in her day, she joined with Smoke after a botched job. Now the muscle behind the pair she is a physical adept with a fondness for wielding a pair of combat axes and a mean streak few can rival. She directs the actual operations of the gang in the field regardless of it being riding escort or roughing up a store clerk who forgot the protection fee last month.


Drake - A relatively new arrival with the gang, he has made waves nonetheless. A human of average height and build, unremarkable except he is one of the few magically active members in the gang. A magical adept of several initiate grades he is noted for having no cyber or bioware 'crutches'. He was elevated to his position as one of the top lieutenants after saving Smokes life on a botched business meeting with the Lich Lords.





Armor jackets of bright red synthleather with black sleeves, and an indistinguishable face worked in a grey smoke color on the back.


South Central district of the Warrens


The above is the historical record of this gang before its destruction. The Crimson Smoke gang, while once prosperous as gangs go, was hit with a fluke accident, which killed its leadership in a single blow, when parts of a plane crashed into the Warrens. After that point, it was only a matter of time until rival gangs in the area had taken over their turf and thrown out or absorbed the remnants of the Smoke.

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