Blackboot Skins

Blackboot Skins

GANG NAME: Blackboot Skins

LEADER: Leon Metzger. "The White Lion of Purity." Leon grew up with a family deeply associated with the old white supremacist groups and was recently called to lead a new wave of violence in the heart of Denver. Secretly backed by Aryan Nations policlubs and other extremist groups, the Blackboots follow Metzger as if he were a divine prophet. He took over the Blackboots three years ago after his brother fell in a failed attack on the Sons of Sauron. He is much more patient and calculated than his brother, playing each move like a game of chess. He runs the gang in a very militeristic fashion and his leadership ability has been called frighteningly uncanny.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Twin black lightning bolts on the back of a white fist. Or simply tagged as twin lightning bolts in white.

TURF: Their Headquarters is unknown, but they do most of their 'work' in the Warzone. It is rumored that they may migrate up from the Sticks to do battle.

DESCRIPTION: The Blackboot Skins dress as traditional skinheads in leathers with one trait in common, heavy black steeltoe boots. They are all anglo sporting the traditional shaved heads and do not mingle with other races or metahumanity in any way. They are involved in arms dealing, drugs, prostitution and hate crimes. They travel in packs of no less than five, often in refurbished trucks or motorcycles. Since they are supplied heavily from outside sources they rarely deal with other gangs. The elite guard that surround Metzger are equipped better than many runners and include several shamans that follow a strangely defined Asatru path. They are known as "The Hammer of the White Lion".

HEADCOUNT: The Blackboots have a high attrition rate among their common members who often sacrifice themselves for the cause. The elite inner circle numbers 15-20 members, the common Blackboots called 'Stompers' number 30-40 and the trainees always number in the 20's as well. They have several mechanics that work their motorpool and at times have access to Riggers. Many of the successful members of the gang are recruited out to work for more political and para military organizations.

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