Aurora Air Corps

Aurora Air Corps (AAC)

GANG: AAC (The Aurora Air Corps)

LEADER: Cloudburner. Called CB by the gang and sir by others, Cloudburner is a shadowrunner who decided to play king in the Warrens. A rigger by trade, this human male has some military training as well, and to hear the stories he was a crack jet pilot before losing a leg in a crash. Armed with a cybernetic replacement and a mean rig, this man can fly just about anything you can put in the air. He runs the gang like a car club crossed with a military unit; discipline matters so people can get paid.

Cloudburner is rumored to get gear and equipment from the UCAS-AF in return for keeping the border with Buckley AFB safe and people from shooting at the planes.

COLORS/SYMBOLS: Grey and Blue. Their tag is a elongated cross if in a hurry, or a stylized airplane if taking ones time.

TURF: North Seven Hills, from Danube northward.

DESCRIPTION: The AAC are sometimes called the Ack-Acks, but there is nothing funny about this gang. They run the air force for the Warrens, though they spend a lot of time spying on Buckley as well. Information is their main trade, though they can be contracted by other gangs for air cover in a fight. King Steven James of the Royals often uses them to transport goods in and out of the Warrens as well.

More often than not you won't see the AACs, but rather a high flying drone or tiny creeping metal spy. Despite the name they have a number of ground drones and vehicles as well. They run a lot of the chopshop trade in the area as well, and can be counted on to keep an eye out for anything with wheels or wings they can lift.

HEADCOUNT: Their wing is 29 members strong. They are picky about who they let into the gang; you have to be able to rig, fly, drive, or fake it really well to get in, or have good hand as a mechanic. Race, sex, creed and other considerations don't matter if you can't keep up.

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