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Police Sketches, 2062

Yakuza: Denver


The Yakuza, or Zaibatsus, or whatever you want to call them, bumrushed the West Coast Mafia when General Kawanaga parked his battalion on the Golden Gate bridge and said "Mine!". The Italians generally had their hands full with the crazy Ruskies, and vice versa. So when the corporate funded Zaibatsus stepped in with a thousand Imperial Marines watching the streets protecting "Japan's Assets" you can bet who won.

Some would argue that the infection of the Japanese Zaibatsu was stopped cold in its tracks in Detroit when the rabid American-Loving public (not to mention the black sheep of the Yakuza, the Seoulpa Rings) kicked them out, but I'd like to think that here is where they really stopped. Perhaps from being too fat off their riches. The Zaibatsu's are of wide girth and large appetites in the Treaty City, so best watch your mealtickets.

Now, the structure of the Zaibatsu's is a little different to what many Godfather fans are used to. There's not really the Don, and the Underboss, and the made men and underlings. Its a bit different. Infact, the Zaibatsu's (I use this and Yakuza interchangably) are more like a corporation than a gang. And like any modern day corporation, they're all trying to one up each other. You see, chums, the Osaka Twins were originally the Osaka triplets, three businessmen from (Duh) Osaka, Japan, who came in just after the first boatload. They ripped along the West Coast with their Zaibatsu buddies, devouring everything. Good times, there was always more to conquer.

So once the Osaka Triplets got enough assets together, they made a joint bid and split from their counterparts, aiming to stake a claim in Denver. Unfortunately, when they got there, they found Aspanu had a head start on them and a lot of SanFransisco stragglers had swollen his ranks.

The battle here was bloody, especially so because not only were they fighting each other, but their ranks were turning on on another at the same time, sometimes planned by the opposition, sometimes not. A couple of clever ploys by Aspanu using the Mexicans (and Aztech) cause the Osaka Triplets to gang up on each other. Of course, two on one fighting can only last so long before someone gets hurt, and in the end one of the Triplets was assassinated via a nasty little drug hidden by some carcerands. Neither of the surviving two admitted to bumping him off, even though it was clearly an inside job. Not that it mattered, they both absorbed the dead guys assets and now there's a balance of power, with no third party to gang up on the other.

So three became two, and the Oaska Twins have pretty much carved a healthy chunk out of the FTZ. Yakuza personnel in general are given better technological support, the Zaibatsus supply higher grade tech to them, so their heavies are more than likely to be fast /and/ heavy. Not a good combination for the street meat.

The Osaka Twins have been cooperating mostly in recent times, and their joint efforts are geared primarily towards vices…mainly pharmaceuticals and chips. This alone brings them in quite a chunk of cred, and between them they control about half of the FTZ's drug and chip trafficking. They also do matrix work, and have been raising a healthy stable of deckheads inside their own ranks, eliminating the need to hire freelance deckers for their jobs. Be warned, the better deckers in the Zaibatsu's rate with the best in the biz, mainly because they've got some pretty sharp gear and arent shy about using it. Finally, they also hire their muscle out to third parties…somewhat mercenary. Sort of like contracting Knight Errant to protect your shipment, but with less paperwork.

Mob, Triad, Yakuza War Summer of 2071
In May of 2071 The Dripping Clam, a strip club and Sucreasi territory, was partially destroyed by arson. The resulting fire and smoke caused the death of several club attendees and dancers. Dwayne 'Bigman' Miller, a Sucreasi under boss, was severely burned in the incident and was hospitalized with third degree burns, he was moved to a private medical facility to recuperate.

In June of 2071, Miller went missing. Several rumor mills stated seeing Miller acting as a rogue Mafia member, including one sighting at Chrome!, "working" in a golden colored business suit. Sucreasi (street rumors 4+) sent several shadowrunners/"free lancers" to hit Yakuza territories: BTL Warehouses, Bunraku and Pachinko parlors. Simultaneously, a BTL distribution and Nuyen laundering operation was hit causing the theft of key smuggling data the Osaka Gumi used. The Osakas retaliated with several small attacks, including an ambush at Princess Di Park leaving several made men of the Sucreasi and Innocenti familes during a "peace talk". Innocenti, personally (Street rumors 8+) requested Mob personnel to track down Miller "dead or alive", suspecting the Russians were involved. Several days later, Miller was discovered with two in the back of the head, in a Warrens warehouse, but was quickly evacuated and has since healed. Fingers were pointing at a mid-level fixer, 'Henry Knox', and several shadow runners as responsible….The crew have since cleared their name. Rumor is the Yakuza and Mafia families came into evidence that they had both been set up by a third party hoping to embroil the two syndicates in an all out war. Since the war and an increasingly dangerous Warrens for smuggling, Asian Kong chips (typically associated with the Triads) have flooded the market quickly taking up a strong share.


Hiro Fushiyama -
Manager of the
Hosaka Sushi & Massage
Yoshiban 'Yoshi' Shigeda -
Operating Manager of the
Dysaka-Sendai Storage / Shigeda Escorts
  • Hosaka Sushi & Massage
    • TBD
    • It owns a variety of smaller corporations that sprawl through all six of the signatory nations, making getting a handle on its actual finances to be a very hard thing to do.
    • Osaka own or control the following aspects of Denver
      • Dysaka-Sendai Storage
      • Shigeda Escorts**
      • Sushi Go! Chain
      • The Krill Klub
      • Hitori & Sons Matrix Services
Drugs Smuggling Flesh Electronic Crime Racketeering Gambling Financial Crime Influence Muscle Warchest
9 10 9 5 4 4 5 7 7 9
Cartel Total: 54

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