Denver Mafia

La Costra Nosta of the FRFZ

The Mafia of Denver is a unified (mostly) force of six major families and many different crews. While traditionally Italian, the Denver Mob is a fusion of African American, Old School European, Las Vegas Syndicates and refugees from half a dozen cities and nations. Magic and Metahumans are used without prejudice by the majority of the families, with Native Americans serving alongside Italians and Hispanics. The Japanese or Asians are still distrusted however, given the wars in Seattle and the aggressive conquests of California. You will almost never find an Asian in the employ of the Mafia.

The other four families come in two tiers; The big guys and the little guys.

  • Head Family: Innocenti Family (Regional Capo)
    • Mid Level Families: Sucreasi, Chavez
      • Lower Level Families: Cordero, Mancini/Ratto, Simpson

Now when some people think of Mafia, they think of moonshine stills, speakeasies and guys stealing parking meters for dimes. On the other hand, they may think of back-alley massacres, gun-running and shootouts with the coppers. Unfortunately, that's not accurate in the modern world. The Commission of Denver, comprised of the heads of the five families, is a fully fledged corporation in its composure and structure, with stiff rules and regulations for how the families can interact. The rules keep people in line and keep the families strong with only a minor amount of infighting.

As expected, the families of the FRFZ are less 'old school gangsters' (Though make no mistake, they are gangsters) and instead are more a grouping of people who run businesses, each using their business to complement another's in ways that are both legal and illegal. The families don't tend to overtly or directly violate the law in so much as they will bend and warp the law to suit what they are doing.

The families will hide behind confusing layers of legality, using shells and blinds. In the corporate world, delaying payment of taxes is just as good as not paying, and they will work hard to delay paying as long as possible, within the letter of the law. The families play ball with the sector politics and keep the wheels greased and greased well. They bribe extensively, with violence being a last resort for anyone above soldier level.

Most of the business ventures the families run are entirely legal, operating normally like any business would, paying taxes, being inspected and running entirely above board. It just so happens that Tommie's Deli orders its meat from a company that is mafia owned, who buys from a slaughter house that is mafia owned, is serviced by a garbage removal service that is mafia owned.

Using accounting tricks, these firms will all show lower profits than are actually generated, resulting in more money kept for the owners; the syndicate. This is doubly true in the Denver FRFZ where different nations have different laws on what is legal. For example, in the Ute sector, prostitution is legal while in the CAS sector, gambling is legal.

The Families not totally nice guys, of course… they deal with Murder-for-hire, Matrix crimes, Counterfeiting, Insider trading, Extortion and other wide scale corruption. The bread and butter of the Mafia is and will remain Vice, with its high profit margin, and Financial Crime with its complexity and the difficulty of tracking such things. If you attempt to muscle in to the families business, they will ruthlessly suppress you, either through complex legal maneuvering, politician manipulation or outright violence. They are equally adept at all three.

The families do not, by tradition, deal in or with chips and recreational drugs. This might seem odd, but being businessmen at heart (not to mention the cops in Denver are retired Recon Marines), an all out turf war was deemed rather unnecessary by Aspanu and the Yakuza who peddle them. In addition, the police pay far more attention to drug crimes than other, less 'damaging crimes' and so its a good business move to cede that arena to the competition.

The Mafia have a nearly total hold on their main industries, though, and keep an steel-fisted grip on them.

Recent events

The Chavez, long a thorn in the side of the Denver Mob, has failed to be dislodged despite the best efforts of the five families, leading the high leadership to suspect that one or more of the families was tacitly supporting the Chavez. What remained to be seen, was who.

Recently, Don Innocenti, Capo of Denver, was reported dead in an assassination attempt. While no public funeral was ever held, Aspanu faded from operations and the Innocenti family went quiet. In that time, Derek Simpson, the steward (But not don) of the Ratto Family made a play for leadership. He got the backing of the Mancini family by arranging for Thistledown Feldspar to steal the body of Joe Mancini's son from the Sioux Sector government. While Thistledown was captured after-the-fact and sent to Prison, the body was recovered and the Mancini agreed to serve the Ratto in exchange for backing against the Cordero.

Soon after, Slinger , Frost , Quade , Blindside , Sakaki , Popper and Retro all assaulted a Mancini-run flesh-farm that specialized in preparing young women for specific, non-consensual roles in the sex industry. The attack was brutal, it was without mercy and it was complete. In the course of this action, Arturo Mancini, one of the more respected Sotocapo of the family and the Don's brother, was killed.

During the attack however, a member of the Mafia there was able to make a call and get some grainy images sent to his friends that showed Blindside's BigRig. This caused problems for Blindside when the Mancini paid him a visit and took a baseball bat to his knees, then set fire to the Roadhouse, the bar at the Mustang Ranch.

Concurrent to this, Retro tried to organleg the bodies taken from the farm. However, Retro lacked the personal contacts required for this and had to go with a risky 'friend of a friend referral'. The Ripper Doc he was referred to saw the body and recognized the Arturo's corpse because the Mancini were looking for him. Realizing how much of a bounty he could get for Retro, he turned Retro in to the Mancini.

Retro was put in a room for a few minutes while the doctor 'checked on the market price of the bodies'. Retro had left his guns in his truck to avoid making the Doc nervous, as they did not know each other, and had few tools with him. What the Ripper Doc actually did was call the Mancini family, because they were looking for their brother and had circulated Arturo's picture to the local shadowclinics.

By the time Retro realized what was happening, he only had a little time to escape. He failed. However, Retro is not without his friends. Tony Giancomo, a man in the Mancini family, called Silk. The reason he called Silk is because he knows Silk knows everyone in the fucking universe, shadow-speaking. As such, he felt that if anyone could get word to Retro's team, it would be her.

He was not incorrect. He related to her that they had Retro, that they had had him for a short time and that they were bringing in a well practiced interrogator known as 'Grandmother Winter' who would crack Retro's mind like an overly fetid egg.

Popper, Kassandra and Slinger call in favors, get some leg work done and gather as much firepower as can be gathered in the space of, literally, minutes. It was one of the most effective uses of influence in a short-time as has been seen.

In that short 20 minute bout of phone calls, two Mafia families were put on notice that a majority of another families men were in one location, and their holdings unprotected. A major security provider agreed to look the other way while runners infiltrated and floorplans and communications were tampered with.

After a short while of planning, the runners decide on a fairly passive plan to try and use the cops against the Mafia, while en route to the location he's being held. The Marconi Shipping and Dreyage main shipping and receiving center is north of Bennett, in the Rural UCAS sector and is a massive complex.

On the way they discuss tactics and the game plan of this operation, deciding that it is best to send Slinger, Popper, and Nyssa to infiltrate the compound as Team One while Frost, Duham, Raine, Lilith, and Cassidy stand overwatch farther back, as Team Two. Lilith sends in a phone call to get Knight Errant to investigate, and Dumah gets a Decker ally to back it up with a PanicButton.

The police arrive on Lilith's cue, but only two cars. It was sort of a far fetched story that someone was kidnapped and being tortured, but Knight Errant was being diligent in checking it out. Around this time, the PanicButton goes off and an FRT is dispatched at high speed from the small town.

The arrival of the two police cars police however, alerts the Mafia that someone knows they are there, because random police don't just show up. The Interrogator tells her pilot to start the chopper; She's leaving. However, she's not going to leave by the obvious chopper on the roof.

It soon becomes apparent to Slinger that the chopper, which he sees starting up, is being guarded by a powerful fire elemental. Slinger engages the elemental, killing it in an amazing show of thaumaturgical prowess. The Interrogator then confirmed that there's a powerful mage in the area, likely Retro's run team come to rescue him. She orders Retro put on the chopper and that he be flown to Colorado Springs, where he will be transferred to someone else's care.

The chopper looked like it was getting ready to take off and Dumah, without alerting Team One, took aim at the helicopter with a Rocket. The rocket hit squarely, blowing up the aircraft just as Retro was lead out of the building. Retro was killed instantly when a section of rotor impaled him through the chest. While Retro's death fulfilled one of the requirements of the mission; just as Dumah fired the rocket, the Knight-Errant Fast Response Team called by Dumah was roaring by.

Upon the launch of the rocket and the destruction of the helicopter, Team One realizes the mission is scrubbed and that sticking around is a quick trip to prison, then scatters. Knowing that getting away together in a stock vehicle is probably not going to happen, Popper sets demolition charge on Slinger's Land Rover. Nyssa, Slinger and Popper then disappear in to the night while the attention is focused elsewhere.

Team two scatters and Raine seemed to be the easiest target, so the the mobmaster runs her over, breaking her arm in the process. Everyone else escapes cleanly, while Raine is caught and sent to jail. The Helicopter, loaded with fuel, burns through the roof and the warehouse burns down in the process. The Mancini lose a well respected Sotocapo, Nick 'Prettyboy' Mancuso in the initial explosion and the fire claims the lives of Reggie Walker, a crew leader and most of his crew.

Natalia Grimaldi, the Interrogator, made her way out and make a clean escape, by taking the form of a Marconi Employee and simply walking out. There is no evidence she was ever present. No runner ever saw her and her anonymity is preserved.

Raine is processed by Knight Errant and her sniper rifle confiscated. However, when she is in holding at the jail, her Lawyer, Dwayne Miller showed up. He managed to set up her release from prison by slyly putting her on the payroll of Durham Security, the security provider for the warehouse. As such, the majority of the gear she was carrying was now legal; the matter of permits for those -specific- weapons was quietly pressured to drop. This trick won't work twice and Raine finds herself in debt to very powerful men.

Elsewhere in Denver, two Mafia families ransacked the holdings of a third. With so much of its strength elsewhere and unable to respond, the Mancini defenders crumbled swiftly, routing and retreating. Joe Mancini has gone in to hiding, fleeing Denver while his family tries to find some sense of leadership. The Cordero, fattened on the carcass of their hated foes, look to become a major family in Denver while the Sucreasi enjoy a larger slice of the pie.

The Families

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