Cordero Family

The Cordero


Don Cordero: Rui Cordero

Rui Cordero is the son of an Italian woman and a Spanish man, born and raised in Denver. He's seen changes come and changes go. He knows he will never be the big time and is happy with his role as a numbers man and smuggler. Only recently, in the vacuum left by the battling, has his crew become large enough to justify him a seat on the council of families that run Denver.

His crew was mostly neutral in the Chavez Conflict, but he supplied crucial support and information to Aspanu on the sly. Aspanu was smart enough to know Rui was looking out for the best of his people. The Chavez could have wiped him out in just two or three hits. The Cordero family focus's on numbers and running underground pit fights.

Recently, the Sucreasi and the Cordero launched a coordinated attack on the Mancini, all but eviscerating the hated rivals. Now fattened up, the Cordero are looking to become major players.

  • The Baxter Building
  • Cordero Construction
  • Alamo Waste Management (CAS Sector)
Drugs Smuggling Flesh Electronic Crime Racketeering Gambling Financial Crime Influence Muscle Warchest
0 4 4 3 5 3 6 3 6 4
Cartel Total: 38

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