William Huhuseca
Name William Huhuseca
Sector Ute
Metatype Ork

William Huhuseca (Ute)

An ork, Representative Huhuseca is the only metahuman currently serving on the council. He's also a Coyote shaman, apparently fond of stirring up trouble just for the exercise. If there's a particularly controversial resolution polarizing the council, odds are that Huhuseca helped author It.

The 40-year-old Huhuseca is a chief of the Pawnee tribe and the son of a chief. Despite his irreverent, drek-disrurblng approach, he's actually got a reputation among his own people as a shrewd, fair leader. Huhuseca isn't married and has no known long-tern relationship. Rumors occasionally link him with Elizabeth Kalheim, but nobody who knows either party gives these any credence. Representative Huhuseca joined the council in late 2052.

Born in Grand Junction, Colorado, in 2032.

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