Walt Marx
Name Walt Marx
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Technician
Birthdate Feb 26, 2021
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Walt Marx found Vexx in a dumpster as a baby, the boy being a botched abortion that was dropped from the second story of the building across the alleyway of his father's cyberdeck shop. He's an elderly wise man, who's done all that he could to raise Vexx right. Despite being a Warrens native himself, he does hope for the best for his boy, and has tried with all of his efforts to keep Vexx out of trouble. The only crime he has ever assisted Vexx in has been finding him a false SIN (Lucas Maximum) so that he could pay him to work at his cyberdeck shop, CyberSlackers.

While Walt could have definitely used the extra hands, his main purpose was giving the boy stability and something to focus on that wasn't crime. Buying him a datajack and a cyberdeck did the opposite, but such was never Walt's intent. He truly cares for Vexx, and will do anything to help the boy. It's from him that Vexx gets the name Tyler Marx, but Vexx never uses it, preferring to introduce himself via his Matrix persona. This annoys Walt to no end, but he doesn't mention it literally every time it comes up any more given that it's been happening for years.

Many of Vexx's values do come from Walt, however his actions are often in conflict with the old man. Walt is no fan of the corporations, but finds it better to lay low and survive, while Vexx considers that cowardly, another source of contention between the too. This is not to say that all between them is ire, however—Vexx does love the fellow like a father, and he's one of a handful of people that Vexx will show respect to, most of the time.

Walt does not offer Vexx jobs or leads that lead him into doing anything dangerous or illegal. He's very protective of the boy, and while he does encourage him to stick up for himself physically (as a survival mechanism) he prefers to follow the philosophy of walking softly and carrying a big stick. He will help Vexx get his hands on various pieces of gear or software if he asks, provided that it sounds like it could be useful for any various innocent computer project rather than something that could get him into trouble.

Walt constantly worries about Vexx, given his thrill seeking nature, and has been known to call or reach out to him at inconvenient times if he suspects that he's up to no good or in danger. Walt is skilled at computer and electronic repair and building, but he does not have a Datajack and has no presence on the Matrix.

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