Trevor Chang, Security Fixer

Type: security fixer

Tevor Chang, MBA, JD, could probably get his PhD in money laundering. Trevor's one of the golden boy financial whiz kid of the Red Dragon Triad, whos got a cushy job cooking the books, American style, for the Triad security firm Shining Mountain Security. Posh has helped him with a little bit of his extracurricular activities. As one of the chief legal consultants for the Triads pet security firm, Trevor is in a good position 'write off' high end security-grade gear, but most importantly, hes an important connection to Shining Mountain Security. As a fixer, he is Specific to Security-grade gear, with a specialization in electronic items, and can also act as a financial lawyer. INT 5, Negotiation 7, Etiquette 6, CAS Law 6, Money Laundering 7, Triads 4

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