The Reflex

The Reflex is a premium runner. One of the guys that do the real high paying jobs. He teamed up with Cadenza when she was merely a decker. Both grew to great understanding and are a thing to this day. Having had a leonization recently he is now back to prime health. He had been almost retired during that time.
In 2080 during the Prince Wars he and his beloved, got into troubles with the Brat'Mal during one of the operations Cadenza had organized. A group of runners from Denver saved their asses that day. The Reflex is not going to forget this.

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower Reaction Initative
12 12 10 5 7 6 9 3d6 + 9

Active Skills:
Etiquette: 4, Negotiation: 3, Stealth 7. Athletics 7, Car 5, Pentjak-Silat 8(Blind-Fighting, Close-Combat, Evasion, Focus-Will, Ground-Fighting, Vicious-Blow, Multi-Strike, Sweep, Whirling), Electronics and B/R 6, SMG's 6, H&K XSG (9), Ambidexterity 8
Security Systems 5, Security Procedures 5

Cyberware Implants (Beta Grade):
Titanium Bone Lacing, Cybereyes (Image Link, Flare Compensation, Electronic Vision Magnification 3, Thermal Vision, Low-Light Vision, Opticam), Cyberears (Spacial Recognizer, High Frequency Hearing, Selective Sound Filter 5, Dampener, Hearing Amplification, Recorder), 2 x Induction pad, SmartLink-2 Processor, Simsense Rig (Limited), One Man Army Chip, John Woo Chip, Shock Trooper Chip, Breacher Chip, Retractable Spurs (Dikoted), BattleTac Cyberlink, Cyber Radio 10, Comlink-5

Bioware Implants
Cerebral Booster 2, Synaptic Accelerator 2, Dermal Lacing

This character has extensive contacts into the high level runner scene. You need to contact FastJack, this man can contact him. You need to meet up with Picador? He knows where to find her.

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