The Brothers
Name Junjiro
AKA Tempter
Nationality Unknown
Metatype Unknown
Archetype Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
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"That… was a poor deal."


Mr. Junjiro tends to wear perfectly tailored suits, made from white silk. For accent, he will wear gold or red. Some have said he smells vaguely of cherry blossoms.

Distinguishing Features

Mannerisms and Habits




Happened to be present when this guy 'appeared' to someone I was standing next to. He had an extended conversation with the fellow while I couldn't see or hear a thing, or spot any effects on my compatriot. Or myself. After their little chat was done and the fellow 'left', I could see faint disturbances in the astral that matched up to where my compatriot's eyes had been moving, and to where he directed his speech. Not an 'astral signature' or anything useful like that. Just an indication that someone, or something, had been there. Or was faking having been there. [Fairplay]

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