Tanaka Yatsuhiro, General Fixer (Yakuza)
Name Tanaka Yatsuhiro
Nationality CAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Fixer
Birthdate Feb 26, 2033
Racism Elves +6


Tanaka Yatsuhiro is a cold, violent man that knows how to find anything and everything. His relationship with Vexx is primarily that of a package man, having utilized Vexx's ability to navigate the Warrens more than a few times to get sensitive packages or messages delivered, however Vexx has also from time to time taken advantage of Mr. Yatsuhiro's ability to find illegal or otherwise impossible to find goods on occasion. Neither have any real concern for the other, but as a business is business. Mr. Yatsuhiro is one of the few men Vexx displays respect to, however this isn't because Vexx actually respects him, he's simply wise enough not to piss off the Yakuza. Most of his communication with Vexx is electronic, however he uses him primarily for meat-side package work, given that Yakuza deckers tend to be much better equipped than the street-punk.

With a personality resembling Mr. Niska of Firefly, Tanaka Yatsuhiro started out as a street level thug but, with cunning and tenacity, rose to a small position of power with a few thugs below him that serve primarily as body guards. A man steeped in Japanese tradition, he shows no love for Elves, considering them useless and boyish—action is more valuable to him than words. He works directly below Yoshiban Shigeda out of Dysaka-Sendai Storage, and can often be found there.

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