Suen Qiang

Suen Qiang is a 62 year-old human male and one of the major bosses of the Red Dragon Triad in Denver. Originally an immigrant from Hong Kong, he has lived in Denver since his early 20's.

While he sometimes takes advantages of his age to project a kind grandfatherly demeanor, he is actually a cunning and ruthless man whose grip on power has largely remained because he is an effective, uncompromising leader that demands respect from his subordinates and crushes opposition. He remains in mostly good health despite his age.

In the shadows, he occasionally operates as a Johnson for the Red Dragons: typically he contracts shadow help for hits, heists, hacks, and any other operations for which he needs complete deniability. He's also a skilled mage (grade 5 initiate) and will be willing to instruct fellow mages proven friendly to the Red Dragon in metamagics. He has the following stats:

STR 4 QUI 4 BOD 4 CHA 5 INT 6 WIL 7 MAG 11

Metamagics: Masking, Centering, Cleansing, Extended Masking, Symbolic Linking

Assume 7 in relevant magical skills
5 in social skills, 7 in Etiquette.
4 in physical combat skills.

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