Stephen Dexter
Name Stephen Dexter
AKA Dex, Mr. Grey, Inspector,
Dr. MindBender
Nationality Ares MacroTech Citizen
Archetype Mage
Birthdate Unknown
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"There's always somebody or something trying to be the most powerful person in the world. No. Much as it might offend their sense of perspective, not everything is about ShadowRunners."


It's not that he doesn't have a sense of humor. He just doesn't think YOU are all that funny. Very personable, forthcoming with just enough information and sincerity to make you almost believe him.


Born in San Diego, California, when it was still 'California', Dex's early childhood was a happy one. However, at the age of four, both parents, employee's of Ares Macrotechnologies, were killed in an Aztlan (Suspected) bombing and he was taken as a ward of the corporation and raised in Detroit. Joining Knight Errant after gaining his Doctorate at the age of 19 from MIT&T with a 2 year exchange program at Oxford, he honed his skills in Seattle's Knight Errant division. Despite the lack of a municipal contract, Mr. Dexter's adroit handling of sensitive issues was able to increase the institutional contract base by 35 percent in 2 years while lowering instances of magical interference with Ares properties by 10 percent.

He was transferred to Chicago in early 2055 and in Chicago, his ruthlessness was a boon, driving him up the ranks with rapidity matched only by his growing magical prowess. Ending his tenure in Chicago, he was hand picked to head up Denver's MagSec Division. While a nominal demotion, with a smaller area and less officers at his command, it is a political promotion, giving him exposure to higher level politics, inter-departmental cooperation issues and logistical challenges to overcome.


In Chicago, Mr. Dexter was known not for his high rate of arrest for magical crimes, but for his ability to interface and turn even hardened anti-corp agents in to assets. Mr. Dexter does not typically imprison or issue warrants for those who come to his attention, instead, he tries to find a way to turn their activities to the benefit of Knight Errant, even if that is simply to re-direct their criminal activities in to areas that don't harm Ares Interests.

Never called a crusader or one to wave a flag, Mr. Dexter seems to focus on improving the companies position and bottom line, by any means necessary.


Many say that in Chicago, he made free use of telepathic spells, to read minds and memories of those around him. While technically illegal, no charge brought against him ever stuck, partly because of his network of assets, and partly because those who would perform the investigation either worked for him, around him or near him, or had not the magical resources to investigate properly.

His resume and record are impeccable, but most Ares Executives won't get in the same room with him.

Permits, Licenses, Education

These licenses, permits and educational information are public record.

UCAS Motor Vehicle Operation License (Passenger Car)
UCAS Pilots License (Single Engine Fixed Wing)
Police Officer Standards and Training (Ares)
Police Officer Standards and Training (Hard Corps)
Police Officer Standards and Training (Knight Errant)
Police Officer Standards and Training (Illinois)
Police Officer Standards and Training (Seattle)
Police Officer Standards and Training (UCAS Federal)
Masters Degree - Thaumaturgy (MIT&T)
Doctorate - Psychology (Oxford)
Basic Magical (UCAS)
Professional Magical (UCAS)
Advanced Magical (UCAS)
Theoretical Magical (UCAS)
Security Clearance - Gamma (Ares)
Security Clearance - Secret (UCAS)
Personal Protection Permit - Ruger Thunderbolt (UCAS)

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