Type: merc contractor

For some years now, ex-UCAS Army Major Shelley has been arranging jobs in the on-again, off-again mercenary wars that have come in the wake of Saito's invasion of the California Free State. She is an equal-opportunity contractor, arranging jobs through separate shell companies for both pro-and-anti-Japanese factions, and sometimes even the Azzie forces to the south of LA. She's made her name by importing talent from Denver for one-off jobs, providing significant logistical support for deniable assets for high-threat operations, as opposed to longer-term contracts. Her jobs generally include significant transport and intelligence support from her company, which specializes in those areas. She's not the type to take sides, so she's not the one to go to for work if you've got a particular preference. She's about the honor and the nuyen, though which order those come in is an open question.

INT: 8, Negotiation 7, Etiquette (Military) 6 (8), Mercenary Profiteering 8, Logistics 6, Assault Rifles 6, Brawling 5, Titanium Bone Lacing, Synaptic Accelerator 2, Smartlink-2

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