Servet Tazegul

((Retired player character #9565))

Callsign: Turk, Silent Knight, Plan 9
Nationality: Turkey
Archetype: Decker/Specialist

Bio: Born to the roving Karavan, Servet Tazegul was one of the few dwarven members of the 10 Thousand Daggers merc group working out of Turkey. Utilizing a combination of skill wires and a modified deck, Turk was designed to be dropped into a team to fill operational gaps.

Why Denver?: An op to recover a psychotrophic black IC went wrong, and everyone jacked in was hit. The idea was insidious - it infected deckers with a form of apophenia. Unable to deduce reality from delusion, they would find more and more connections between coincidence, thus degrading any data they recovered in addition to spouting nonsense. Any truth they recovered would be buried in a stuttering pile of lies and conspiracy theories.

Capabilties: Decking, Skillwires, Black Ops. While Turk wasn't specialized to deck, he had a few tricks up his sleeve to make him hit above his grade. Combined with the ability to purchase skill sets, he could plug holes in Runner teams.

What Happened?: Turk woke up. Made his will save. Shook off the madness that had seized his mind and made him flee friends, safety, and resources to an uncertain future full of ever winding conspiracies. Now re-integrated to the 10K, Turk is back to serving his original purpose; Protecting his homeland from outside aggressors.

As a Contact: As a contact, Turk can do quite a bit of Decking work - but he'll be doing it from the other side of the globe, and likely via SatNet. In addition to instructing people in computers, computer b/r, and programming. He also has a quite extensive info-net to draw from.

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