Nadja Daviar

Nadja Daviar is an elf who wears many hats: the last interpreter for the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn, and after his death in 2057, the head of the Draco Foundation and Vice President of the UCAS during the Haeffner administration. She was bequeathed the shares of Gavilan Ventures for a time, giving her an interest in Ares Macrotechnology, but signed those shares as proxy for two years from mid-2057 to mid-2059 to Damien Knight for unknown reasons. According to his will, Dunkelzahn, gave her specific instructions in a “seven-years plan” about how the policy she should implement regarding Gavilan Ventures. She is generally considered to be the most powerful woman in the Sixth World.

She is described as a ravishingly beautiful dark-haired elf woman. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Russian, and several other languages fluently without linguasofts. It is rumored that she and Holly Brighton, another close friend of Dunkelzahn, do not get along. She is rumored to have a romantic relationship with a shadowrunner named Ryan Mercury, also a confidant of Dunkelzahn.

approx. 12.2%

Ares Shareholder

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