Katharine Cahill, IWS Sales Representative

Type: IWS sales rep

Katharine Cahill is a former regular field saleswoman for IWS in several low-intensity conflicts. In line with IWS philosophy, Katharine's always believed a firearm is only as good as the ammunition fired from it, and ensures that there's always a fine selection to maximize the quality of the demonstrations of her wares. She has recently moved to Denver in the wake of IWS' greater participation in the legitimate…and not so…arms dealing trade.

Under her leadership as regional sales director, Katharine is focused on finding new markets and applications for IWS products. In addition to arranging for diverted shipments to some of her customers, she also conducts a number of field testing and new-market distribution programs.

She does have a bit of history with Posh - the two worked together on a failed 'Cairo Job,' which landed Posh (in her identity of Vera Cinderford) the enmity of renegade mercenary group, The Blessed of Horus.

Fixer and Johnson Contact, INT 5, Negotiation 7. Specific for Firearms, Specialized for Ammo.

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