Jonathan Pope
Name Jonathan Pope
Sector Pueblo
Metatype Human

Jonathan Pope (Pueblo)

Pope is about as straight-arrow as they come. He's a tall, slender gentleman - and I use that term because it fits. In his late 40s, his eyes are so dark they look as though they're all pupil with no iris at all. Before coming to Denver in 2052, Pope was a junior vice president on the Pueblo Corporate Council. The nation's board of directors asked him to take on the position of representative to the Council of Denver In 2051, but he persuaded them he could do more for his country at home in Santa Fe. The next year they offered him the position again - a "promotion" as these things are viewed in the Corporate Council - and this time he accepted it. He lives comfortably and protects his families privacy with the full resources of the Pueblo Corporate Council. Almost no one even knows how many kids, if any, he has.

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