Jeremy Falloon
Name Jeremy Falloon
Sector UCAS
Metatype Human

Jeremy Falloon (UCAS Sector)

Various wags in the media have a vested interest in portraying Jeremy Falloon as an idiot (what vidcaster could resist making fun of " Jeremy Buffoon "?), But this bad humor at the representative 's expense is doing the citizenry of the free Zone a severe disservice, Jerry Falloon is no bimble -brain. He 's highly competent, utterly ruthless, and he hates to lose - at anything.

Falloon is in his late 40's, and since losing his wife several years ago, he seems to have lost interest in female companionship. His background is in Corporate law. and he worked as a lobbyist in Washington before joining the Justice Department in 2045. According to our research, Falloon was never in the forefront of the backstabblng and conniving endemic to Washington. However, when rivals tried to "knife" him on several occasions, the would-be Machiavelli found themselves ousted. Falloon obviously knows how to play the game when he has to - he just doesn't go out looking for a scrap.

Jeremy Falloon was appointed to the Council of Denver in 2052. though he maintains his association with the Justice Department and clandestine intelligence agencies. He's rumored to be highly cybered or possess nearly invisible bodyguards who are.

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