Name Holly
Metatype Human
Archetype Ganger (Sinners)


Holly is tough built, clad in a black leather jacket, heavily armored. Thick boots and leather made flared pants. Her head is shaved and above her right ear a hand-sized tattoo is plain to see. It shows a neatly detailed cat with nine tails (literally). - Usually, she's accompanied by at least three or four underdogs and in charge of local authority at Chambers - Quincy Road. That gives her self-confidence a good push. When encountered alone or in a inferior situation, she's careful and passive. She's a bit too intelligent in order to let her ego kill her just for some badly selected words. And this intelligence and her fast talk make her a very careful and flexible negotiator behind the tough facade. Ignorant people are likely to underestimate her.


Holly is a Sinners warrior/kapo, responsible for East Quincy Avenue - Chambers Road. She has close ties to The Crank, local drug dealer shop and the gang meeting haven across the street. Basically she's operating as the Sinners' eye and ear in the everyday life of this crucial part of the Sinners' territory. She settles conflicts, oversees the drug dealing and prostitution on the street.


Holly may offer information about the Warrens, protection on Sinners' territory (Mission Hills), and propably some jobs with gang context. Only for an appropriate service in return, of course. Generally, she prefers services above money.


Contact: street - pimp (modified)
Race: human
Bod 5 Qui 3 Str 5 Cha 4 Int 5 Will 3 Rea 4 KP 2

Active skills (selection): Etiquette 3 (Street 5), Intimidation 6, Negotiation 4 (Fast Talk 6), Pistols 3, Brawling 5

First appearance and plot affiliation

Holly is a gang NPC (Sinners) created for small plots in the Warrens. She may be acquired as a shared contact or used as a NPC for other plots as well (just use or adapt her if you like). Holly has been introduced by Letos/Hiller (wikidot/MUSH Account). Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

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