Hitomi Yung

Type: Street Doc

Doctor Hitomi Yung was one of the brightest students of her class at Tokyo University. She had the wish to see something of the world and so she entered the program of a charity. The first jobs she got were set in wealthy surroundings. But then she was sent into the Denver Warrens and had to find out how shitty life for the downtrodden and underpriviledged was.
She stays in Denver to this day, fighting poverty and sickness, and due to the fact that her charity sources have a tendency to be notoriously underfunded she uses her skills as a doctor to create additional income by assisting 'needy' shadow resources. She is a bit picky with her clients, though.

Bias against the organized chrime and anyone suppressing or abusing others on an organized level.

Body Quick Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower Reaction KP Race
3 6 3 3 6 5 6 4 human

Biotech 5 (CyberImplant Surgery 10, Surgery 9, Transimplant Surgery 9), Etiquette 4 (Corp 5, Medical 6), Medicine 9

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