Name Henry Dorsett Case
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Human
Archetype Decker
Birthdate Jun 04, 2054
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Vexx doesn't know very much about Glitch at all. He has done a bit of work here and there with the man, and traded a bit of freeware back and forth. It's a working relationship, but not a deep one. Glitch shares some like-minded opinions with Vexx, specifically regarding the corporate control of the world, but sees no real way to do anything about it, lacking Vexx's moxie. He's intelligent and patiant, fascinated by complex or unique matrix system structures, hacking more to explore than to do any real damage. Of course, that's not to say that he won't work for profit as well.

Behind the screen exists a shell of a man Vexx has never met named Henry Dorsett Case. He spends as much time as possible connected to the Matrix, where life hasn't been so rough, his figure behind the screen emaciated and wasted away, connected to an intricate system of feeding tubes he's built. He disconnects only often enough to restock his feeding fluid that he has delivered to his home. He discovered the Matrix at a young age and, having grown up exceedingly poor, found the digital realm an escape from his bleak reality. The confidence and casual manner that he expresses himself with when connected does not hint to his socially awkward and decrepit meat.

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