Elizabeth Kalheim
Name Elizabeth Kalheim
Sector CAS
Metatype Human

Elizabeth Kalheim (CAS)

Betty to her friends - I think she has two. Young and drop-dead gorgeous, Kalheim usually wears her hair dark (but sometimes blond!), shoulder-length and pulled loosely off her face to accent blue eyes deep enough to drown In. And she has a voice like honey, with just enough of a Southern drawl to add a touch of spice. (No wonder the Free Zone Voice usually asks Betty to do the council sound bites.)

But Betty Kalheim is a hard piece of work. A master at reading and manipulating people and as ruthless as they come. We've been unable to unearth her background. Kalheim joined the council in January of 2054. She's a master of public relations, and while nothing has ever been proven, she's rumored to be related to Damien Knight. It is known that Damien Knight -did- endorse her appointment to the Council, though many just write that off to him trying to oust Lone Star as the security provider for CAS-Denver.

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