Dr. Lucien Cross

Doctor Lucien Cross, PhD was the CEO and founder of Cross Applied Technologies. He was described as a hard-working man of over age seventy (as of 2061), who is "rock-steady" and has a somewhat cold demeanor, but with a charisma that extends to contacts around the world. He is polite to a fault, and drives a hard bargain without raising a voice, and never forgets a favor or a grudge. His employees call him "Old Stone-Face". He maintained a deadly rivalry with Damien Knight, and he is rumored to be one of the people who helped orchestrate the Nanosecond Buyout. He also created the Seraphim, possibly the best private corporate intelligence organization in the world. He has one son Jean-Marie Cross, and an incompetent nephew who ran various offices in CATCo named Bernard Cross.

Little is known about Cross before 2034, when Lucien Cross first established Cross Matrix Technologies, the precursor to Cross Applied Technologies. Before that, he worked at Acquisition Technologies, a Matrix investigative research firm. An expert at corporate espionage, apparently he was able to cut a deal with David Gavilan (who later became Damien Knight), and provided servers that allowed Knight to orchestrate the Nanosecond Buyout in 2033. With the cash that he gained from the buyout, he was able to branch out into other divisions such as electronics, entertainment, biomedical research, and other subsidiaries, and reincorporated his holdings into Cross Applied Technologies in 2044.

When Cross Applied Technologies made a bid for extraterritoriality in 2053, the maneuvering involved almost cost Lucien Cross his life. CATCo stole Bioleve from Ares, and this sparked a covert feud between Damien Knight and Lucien Cross, as each tried to take out the other or steal corporate assets from each other. An undeclared war between the two corporations continued to the present day.


Cross Applied Technologies CEO, CatCo Shareholder

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