Clarence Whitebone
Name Clarence Whitebone
AKA None
Nationality Ute Nation (Pawnee)
Metatype Human
Archetype Activist
Birthdate Feb 5, 1996
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"Once, we were treated as cattle and forced on to the bad land, fed the bad food and made in to less than people. We rose up and because we had the magics of the old ways, we triumphed. This is a new age, and we now commit the same crimes. But the white man, he has magic too. We cannot be what we hate."


An elderly Pawnee woman with the classical wrinkled features, but a stately grace.


As one of the original Ghost Dancers and a survivor of the concentration camps, Ms. Whitebone is well respected in the NAN. She never aspired to political office and so has been relatively unknown to the current generation. She deplores the policies of the Ute Nation, specifically the suddenly relaxed Environmental controls and the continued enforcement of racist laws such as the Anglo-Resettlement Act, which she calls tantamount to the execution order which forced the NAN revolt.

No one is ever really sure if she's got magical talent or not, but she was known to have been one of the Ghost Dancers. She's been living in the SLC area for a while, working with the Mormon Authorities in the last 30 years, but also fighting against the corporate dominance of the mineral rights of the Ute Nation as a whole. She's started speaking out against the increased Japanese presence in the country, not from Xenophobia, but from well reasoned economic arguments that show the Japanese are not dealing in good faith.

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