Simone Ecutere

Simone is a prodigy executive. Always prim and proper, never stressed, decisive and always friendly if firm to the people around her. No one would suspect that she is in truth a free anima spirit. And she does all it takes to keep that secret. Luckily one of her powers is masking, so not every mage seeing her will be able to identify her as what she is. As a free spirit, she is unable to access the matrix, a fact she bypasses through the help of Joshua Maleni, her assistant. A crack computer specialist who is always around her. If not personally, then in the shape of a camera and earphones connected to a strongly encrypted radio connection, helping her out with things. Him being the only one trusted enough to know her secret.
Race: Free Spirit
Gender: Anima

NPC of Pelmen. Inquire if you want to use.


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