Cadenza, Decker/General Fixer

Cadenza secretly harbors and helps people (no matter what race), doing so inside and outside the Tir Tairngire. In 2080, Brat'mal extremists unfortunately discovered her favorite tactics via her legitimate businesses (fairly paying every employee — even nonelves — plus onsite meals/medical).

During the Prince Wars in 2080 when those racists showed up at one of her factories in Portland to kill her, Cadenza was almost certain that she and her workers were doomed to die, but Shadowrunners and Spirits seemed to suddenly materialize from the shadows from whence they sneak attacked and successfully intercepted those Brat'mal frags!

Cadenza grew up as a pretty elf (blue eyes, dark hair, snowy complexion, and Lady level social status within Tir society). After having seen a hate crime (when quite young), she personally chose to never be a racist jerk, herself. Instead, she helped out many people with job opportunities over many years.

Pairing up business experience with her vast network of social connections, Cadenza eventually transitioned to general fixing (too) — a write off here and a write off there — after initial introduction to the shadow side by Ignacio (also known as The Reflex): her leonized/phenotyped human lover man.

Body Quickness Strength Charisma Intelligence Willpower Reaction Initative Essence
4 7 4 7 5 5 9 3d6 + 9 3.5

Active Skills:
Etiquette: 7, Negotiation: 7, Stealth 7. Athletics 4, Car 4, Carromeleg 4 (Kip Up and Focus Will), Comp 4, Pistols 4.
Gear Values 5

Cyberware Implants (Beta Grade):
Induction Datajacks 2, Math SPU 3, Multi Chipjack 4, and Wired Reflexes 2 + Reflex Trigger (from Ignacio).
Matrix Persona (Renraku Kraftwerk @ MPCP 8 + Icon 8 + All Utils @ Level 6): an Arctic Fox with Blue Eyes and Dark Lashes.

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