Aspanu Innocenti

Don Innocenti: Aspanu Innocenti

Despite their name, the Innocenti's are far from Innocent. Raised in Sicily, he was educated in Oxford and Harvard Universities. He was the son of Mercetti Passitempo of Palermo. As the second son, he never stood to inherit much more than a support role to his older brother, Leo 'The Lion' Passitempo. Aspanu however, wanted greater things and was never good at playing second fiddle. While studying abroad, something his father and brother never did, he got a greater appreciation for the nuances of international law and finance.

He returned to Palermo and tried to apply what he learned, but immediately ran in to opposition to his ideas. He wanted to include more meta-humans and take advantage of magic, but these were considered by many of the old guard, including his father, to be 'unclean'. They didn't understand or appreciate many of the finer points he was trying to utilize, such as international money transfers, currency exchanges or stock market manipulation. They favored the classic roles and the old ways of doing business.

Leaving home and Sicily behind, Aspanu traveled to Boston where he cut his teeth on the American methods of doing business. He spent 10 years working his way up the chain, coming to Denver and setting himself up as old man Casquilhos's Consigliarie in Denver. It was in that position that fate catapulted him to power. The Chavez of Texas had finished consuming Austin and were moving to take control of Denver's lucrative smuggling markets. To do that, they had to remove the existing order.

In one night, The Chavez family hammered the Casquilhos, killing a variety of Sottocappos and capos, succeeding in killing Don Casquilhos. Aspanu himself was targeted, but due to the intercession of Benedicte Passetempo and a runner by name of Helios, he survived to rally the troops. Aspanu's deft use of legal maneuvers soon slowed the Chavez advance to nil, and some think he is preparing to launch an offensive soon. Rallying the families, he was able to establish the political capitol to

In the years since taking over, Aspanu has proven himself to be a canny operator, fully capable of taking advantage of the multi-national nature of Denver. His primary company is actually a legal firm founded by himself, Anthony Ratto and Luther Sucreasi that specializes in criminal and financial cases. His other holdings focus on Real Estate and entertainment companies.

Don Innocenti has been looking for a way to secure Ratto's legacy since his assassination, and remove Simpson from power without an open war between he and the Ratto Family. This is the genesis of his quiet slipping in to the shadows. Recently, events in the Denver area have brought the Mancini family to the edge of destruction, a visceral lesson to Simpson, who has been brought to heel.

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