Arly Stormfeather

Arly Stormfeather is a fifty-two year-old woman who is a respected
shaman and spiritual leader within the Ute tribe, as well as an
ecological activist with deep shadow ties. She works through legal
channels, generally, using a mix of grassroots campaigning and
political lobbying to fight back against the most egregious polluters
in her nation. She sometimes assists in rituals meant to cleanse the
land. However, given the Ute Nation's state of political disrepair
and widespread corruption, she hits frequent roadblocks in stopping
even illegal polluters, and in the most desperate cases, she's not
above hiring shadow help to further her cause. She tends to have her
fingers in many pies, keeping subtle watch over many of the
corporations operating with perceived impunity within her country.

She has no species bias, but she has slight racism against
non-Amerinds who haven't yet proven themselves trustworthy by
completing a job for her.

Specifically, she's a shamanic magical adept. Assume her to have
significant social adept powers, moderate combat powers, high-rated
Magical Power, and significant animal-related powers. She has a long
history of mentoring Ute warriors, and she is willing to extend those
same service to runners she deems like-minded enough to train.

Her attributes are 5 Strength, 5 Quickness, 5 Body, 7 Charisma, 7
Intelligence, 7 Willpower. Her skills are Athletics 5, Animal
Handling 8, Centering 7, Conjuring 7, Etiquette 8, Instruction 6,
Intimidation 7, Negotiation 8, Projectile Weapons 5, Sorcery 7,
Stealth 5, Wildcat 3.

She's a grade 8 initiate with the following metamagic abilities:
Atunement (Animal), Centering (Adept), Centering (Melee Combat),
Centering (Ranged Combat), Empower Animal Companion, Masking,

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