Aaron Cade
Name Aaron Cade
Nationality UCAS
Metatype Elf
Archetype Vigilante
Birthdate Oct 16, 2056
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Aaron has witnessed horror. As a child, his home was invaded by a gang of Orc and Troll gangers, his home robbed and his father killed. They weren't simply after their things, however, and he was forced to witness as his mother was raped, while they laughed and jeered at him. He obsessed over this event, and dedicated his life to tracking down who was responsible. Having known Vexx for years, the talented Decker sympathized with him and was able to help the elven boy track down his targets.

His life, however, was forever changed. That endless search took many years, and developed into an obsession with the concept of justice at whatever cost, typically gruesome and violent. He has a bad habit of assuming that orcish and troll folks are of whatever crime, but it's not so far that he'll execute a judgment without good evidence. Aaron considers himself a vigilante, the only force of order and peace in the decaying Warrens.

He's inspiring, and typically uses his vengeful missions in one way or another to attempt to inspire others into following his footsteps. He makes his money liberating goods from those he deems scum, sometimes donating it to the less fortunate, but usually it finds it's way into his pocket. It can be difficult to tell if Aaron is in the right or not on many of his jobs.

He typically makes an attempt to avoid being seen, leaving horrifying scenes of violence behind to warn others who would follow in the footsteps of other criminals, however if the situation doesn't allow for that, he'll gladly make an appearance at the scene of his crimes (such as in the case of a public execution).

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